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Hemoglobin A1c test and emergency medicine

The A1C Test and its Role in Emergency Medicine

The A1C Test and its Role in Emergency Medicine.  The A1c Test and its Role in the Assessment of Diabetic Emergency Patients The Hemoglobin A1c (also called HbA1c or...
SAMPLE Mnemonic for First Aid

SAMPLE: A Mnemonic for First Aid History Taking

The SAMPLE mnemonic is a handy tool used to remember the 6 things to look for when collecting a history.  The SAMPLE Mnemonic: A Tool for Unraveling Medical Histories...
A picture of a mosquito bomber

Fighter Planes, Grasshoppers and Hypoxia

Following the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, the United States declared war on Japan.
Three days later, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States.
A few days after that, a 48 year-old physiologist from the University of Rochester called Wallace O. Fenn assembled a team of biologists with backgrounds in studying snakes, fruit flies and grasshoppers.
Their intention: to win the war!

STAPLES Mnemonic for traction splint

STAPLES Mnemonic for First Aid

The STAPLES mnemonic is a handy tool used to remember the 7 steps of applying a traction splint.What do the letters of the STAPLES Mnemonic mean?The STAPLES Mnemonic is used...
START Triage visualization

Another way to visualize START Triage

START Triage is meant to be EASY!There is more than one way to draw an algorithm.IntroductionThe START triage system is a method of quickly and efficiently classifying...
A dislocated shoulder

Shoulder Dislocations

Reduction of Shoulder DislocationsEffective and timely reduction of shoulder dislocations can reduce pain and reduce the risk of neurovascular sequelae. In remote settings...
Crush Injuries and Crush Syndrome

Crush syndrome and Hyperkalemia

Crush Syndrome Crush syndrome is a systemic and potentially fatal complication related to compresssion of large muscle mass. A mismanaged rescue can induce cardiac arrest...
Wound Management

Wound Management – Infection

"Rub a Little Dirt on It" Wound Management - How You Can Minimize Risk of Infections!This is expected to be the first in a series of posts concerning wound...

DOTS: A Mnemonic for First Aid

The DOTS mnemonic is a handy tool used to remember the 4 things to look for when conducting a physical assessment.What do the letters of the DOTS Mnemonic mean?Deformities -...
Spinal Shock vs neurological shock

Spinal Shock and Neurologic Shock

Neurological and Spinal Shock are Often Confused but They're not the Same! Neurological Shock vs. Spinal Shock: What is the Difference? Introduction Neurological...

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