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Experience a new level of engagement with our visually stunning courses. Our team of experts has designed an immersive learning environment that combines high-quality visuals with interactive elements. Say goodbye to boring lectures and hello to a captivating learning experience.

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2. Accredited Courses for Professional Growth

Choose a trusted source for your continuing medical education. Our courses are accredited in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, meeting the highest standards of quality and relevance. Stay ahead in your field and earn valuable credits with confidence. More accreditations are on the horizon, ensuring that our offerings align with your professional development needs.

3. Interactive Learning at Your Fingertips

Take control of your medical education with our interactive courses. Our platform allows you to actively participate in the learning process, making it easier to retain information and apply it in real-world scenarios. From interactive quizzes to virtual case studies, our courses are designed to keep you engaged and motivated.

Intraosseous Access

Dive deep into the world of intraosseous access with our immersive online course. Discover the power of IO in medical emergencies. 

ACLS Preparation and Review

Discover our immersive ACLS Prep/Review course for free. Get the most out of ACLS by preparing before the class and reviewing afterward! CMESurfer offers this free online course to help you master ACLS and become a confident  provider.

Flight Physiology

Discover the unique field of medicine in the flight environment. Engage with exciting content and gain valuable insights.


Gain expert insights on treating asthma. Learn to recognize and address both common and serious cases. Asthma can be a dire emergency so equip yourself with life-saving skills to manage critical situations. 

Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

Get the knowledge that you need to recognize and understand BPPV. Help patients take control of BPPV.  This engaging course will equip you with the skills you need.


Penthrox is a highly effective, fast-acting medication used to treat pain in patients in pre-hospital settings. Our online continuing medical education course will provide paramedics and nurses with all the information they need to understand the medication and its complications, as well as how to administer it most effectively. We use engaging video tutorials and interactive exercises, allowing learners to acquire the knowledge necessary for practical, successful management of penthrox. 


Capnography is the key to better patient management in many types of emergencies. Discover how capnography can guide treatment and optimize patient outcomes!

Management of Shoulder Dislocations

Enhance your skills in managing shoulder dislocations. Our course provides the necessary cautions and techniques for success. Immerse yourself in visually appealing course content that will empower you in treating shoulder dislocations.

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