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Continuing Medical Education already approved by the EMALB, Alberta College of Paramedics and the Saskatchewan College of Paramedics!

Visually Stunning continuing medical education courses

Visually Stunning Courses

Experience a new level of engagement with our visually stunning courses. Our team of experts has designed an immersive learning environment that combines high-quality visuals with interactive elements. Say goodbye to boring lectures and hello to a captivating learning experience.

Continuing medical education membership benefits

Accredited Courses for Professional Growth

Choose a trusted source for your continuing medical education. Our courses are accredited in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, meeting the highest standards of quality and relevance. Stay ahead in your field and earn valuable credits with confidence. More accreditations are on the horizon, ensuring that our offerings align with your professional development needs.

Interactive continuing medical education courses

Interactive Learning at Your Fingertips

Take control of your medical education with our interactive courses. Our platform allows you to actively participate in the learning process, making it easier to retain information and apply it in real-world scenarios. From interactive quizzes to virtual case studies, our courses are designed to keep you engaged and motivated.

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Highly reccomend this course. It clarified a lot of things for me and when I needed more clarification I used the feedback form and got an answer in ten minutes! Overall really easy to understand tho


Loved this class. I think I learned more than in my entire RN program and way more fun


I just started flying for a local company and we did a week long orientation but I found this course to be better than that and helped me to remeber what I had learned but gave me more

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Thanks for the nice courses.
Better than I was prepared for.
So often CME courses are terrible, but CMESurfer’s are good, and I am looking forward to more. Thanks again.


Easy presentation


Pleased with CME SURFER modules.. Hopeful that you will add to CME modules in the future


Good course one that i would review again. add insertion techniques etc with different devices

EMR academy proven success
EMR Academy

The CMES EMR Academy will be coming in 2024!

The award-winning team at CME Surfer are working on something special….

The EMR ACADEMY will have you ready to breeze through your EMR program and ace your certification exams with confidence!

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CME Certificates from CMESurfer

Earn and share certificates for CME or to show proficiency to prospective employers

Achieve personal goals and be a leader in the profession

Be top of the class, excel as a leader professionally and gain confidence in your practice. 

Whatever profession or discipline, whatever your questions CMESurfer can help.

We offer a broad range of evidence-based learning opportunities to various health disciplines in a variety of online learning formats to help you be prepared and confident.

By using the CMESurfer learning format, you will achieve clarity and understanding and as a result you’ll be able to recall information when you most need it.


Build your skills and broaden your knowledge

Continuing medical education for paramedics made fast, effective and fun.

Built on a solid framework of educational theory.

You enjoy the lessons and then get back to the beach!

Let us worry about instructional design, cognitive psychology, domains, complexity objectives and all of the other things that make the most of the time that you spend with us!

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